Veterina V.I.Pet
Very Important Pet

...because every pet is important


My name is Klára Palicová and my dog is my indispensable partner and darling in my life. Since 2013, I have been dealing with veterinary medicine, especially for dogs and cats. In my professional life I worked mainly at NON-STOP clinics where I saw and treated a wide range of cases

I will use my knowledge and experience in the treatment of your four-legged companions. I will take care of them as if they were my own during favorable opening hours, even on weekends.

We will solve the problems of your pets together and in case of the need for a narrowly-specialized examination, I will arrange an order to a specialist to the best possible satisfaction of you and your pets - because it's all about them…

Office hours

Mo9:00 - 11:0015:00 - 20:00
Tu9:00 - 11:0015:00 - 20:00
ThOnly booked patients
Fr9:00 - 11:0019:00 - 20:00
Sa10:00 - 11:3015:00 - 18:30
Su10:00 - 11:3015:00 - 18:30

Why to choose us?

  • You can't go to the vet after the workday, because all of the vets are already closed.
  • Do you feel that your pet is only next in line and the vet does not have enough time for you?
  • You don't like when you pet is being cared for by someone else every time.


Úvoz 507/4, 60200 Brno, Staré Brno

+420 737 112 300